Purity Stored

Sexual Purity:

Bravely face the roots of your struggles and trust God for redemption. Instead of surviving on the edges, you’ll move forward with true spiritual authority.

Spiritual Recovery:

Unresolved hurts from your past impact how you see God, others and yourself. By taking back what you’ve lost, you’ll become a wounded healer that impacts your community.


Recovery Leadership:

Leading a recovery group or book group can bring healing and hope, but requires both faith and skill. Move forward with resources, training and programs that provide proven help.

Life-changing seminars:

Experience the impact of a real-life marriage retreat, parenting for purity night, staff training, women’s day, event for young people or our newest offering: Grace Calls: Power to Overcome (read testimonials).


David & Robin Weidner


Purity Restored Ministries provides Christians with practical strategies for spiritual healing. By educating whole fellowships, those who’ve felt defined by their struggles find safety to open up, accept help and claim their inherent dignity before God. Bible-rich resources combined with brain science provide a healing journey no matter what the circumstances. Purity Restored is a sure path to hope.

As the founders of Purity Restored, Dave and Robin Weidner provide role models of the redemptive power of God. Due to early exposure to pornography, Dave learned from a tender age to medicate life’s losses ever-escalating avenues of sexual indulgence. Robin also had core losses. Sexual abuse during her childhood, and alcoholism in her family, led Robin to a deep insecurity and addiction to love.

Both zealots for God from a young age, they met at a Christian college with big dreams for full-time service to God. They never dreamed that some 22 years into their marriage, they would face the breaking point of their relationship. Enter the magnificent grace of God. As they both embraced recovery in every form they could find, they began to slowly blaze a new path—a way of seeing recovery that brought individual and marital healing. As other couples, and then churches, began to seek out their help, Dave and Robin sought to bring together the Bible, recovery principles and science to form a path of spiritual recovery.

Dave has a B.S in Biblical Languages and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology. Robin’s Bachelor’s degree included concentrations in Bible, Social Work and English. Their home is in Idaho where they enjoy riding bikes, paddleboarding, camping and spending time with their 3 adult children and one grandchild.


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