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Pure the Journey: A Radical Journey to a Pure Heart - PurityRestored

Pure the Journey: A Radical Journey to a Pure Heart

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Do you long to overcome patterns of impurity that you return to no matter how hard you try? Are you disillusioned with purity or find yourself pushing back against rule-bound or shame-based answers? If you long for renewal instead of rules, or clarity instead of confusion, Pure the Journey will guide you to your Redeemer. As you reclaim what was lost, you will find strength for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Pure the Journey asks for the first and last 20 minutes of your day. But the reward of seeing God in new ways is eternal. As you approach your failings with curiosity, you'll find healing. By exploring the roots beneath your struggles, you will find lasting answers.

By the end, you'll know how to use your weaknesses and struggles to help others overcome alongside you. (If this sounds like a revelation, this journey is for you!)

*Includes guidelines for ministry implementation and leadership training, interactive journaling prompts, plus a full glossary of terms and phrases.