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Secure In Heart - PurityRestored

Secure In Heart

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In these pages, Robin Weidner walks gently, yet boldly into the heart of a woman. She helps answer the questions that lie often hidden beneath every woman's story, regardless of age, culture or spiritual background:
  • Am I enough? Who can I count on?
  • Will I be rescued? Will I be successful?
  • Who will protect me? What will others think of me?
  • Will I be alone? Will I find unfailing love?

For each of these questions, the author shows how to identify Satan's false securities and then how to overcome them by applying God's word. Through stories from her life and the lives of others, she brings to light this often hidden struggle and helps women find the security that is God's gift to his daughters.

This edition includes an in-depth study guide, guidelines for Book groups, a scripture index on insecurity, a new introduction and bonus chapter in which Robin reflects on what has happened in her life since the initial publishing of the Book.

"Secure in Heart strikes a chord that is in every woman's heart. "Do I really matter?' Thank you for the truth that God says, "Yes, you are worth it all!'"

Mary Owen, Recovery Group Leader, Co-author of Witness